Too many are being robbed of their history.

I have a hypothetical question for you. What if I told every white person in America the following:

Your ancestors were all Irish.

They all came over during the Great Potato Famine.

The Irish were discriminated against, so as such they were all poor workers and mistreated by the rest of society.

This was so prevalent that your ancestors suffered here that all historical variations of the United States flag should be offensive for you.

Further research serves no purpose because their lives were terrible and it would only reinforce the terrible history your people have had here.

The best thing you can do now is demand that no one of another race speak of the Potato Famine, even if they mention things like how not all Irish came over during the Great Potato Famine or despite your skin color you might not be of Irish ancestry at all. Any such comments just show their ignorance and they have no right to comment on any of this.

Sound absurd yet? Of course it does… but that’s because it’s common knowledge that not all white Americans are Irish (or not fully), that not all Irish came over during the Great Potato Famine, not all lived in the areas where they suffered discrimination and even when they did, many Irish rose above that to become successful. Common knowledge is such a tricky thing.

In the United States there are entire sections of our populace who are being denied their heritage and often don’t even realize it. They’ve heard the run of the mill version of events so many times that they think that must be that and there isn’t really much more to be said. When we don’t know our past, it’s easier to be manipulated and controlled. It’s so frustrating too when you know there is more to it than the “common knowledge” but it’s near impossible to explain it to people because they have heard so many times a different version of events. They are being cheated, they are being lied to, and that misinfo is being used to further subjugate them… often by the very people who claim to be trying to help raise them up. If it’s not yet entirely obvious, I speak primarily of the African Americans here. There were atrocities, there were hardships, but there was much more than just suffering.

When I named this website “Take Back Our History,” I wasn’t just talking about white people. I want to encourage and enable everyone to learn more about the lesser known aspects of their history and keep the memory of that alive. Whatever place your heritage holds in the big picture of American history, I want to encourage you to carve out an area for yourself and say, “This is what people should know. This is worth the time and energy to know.” I often write more about topics relating to my own heritage of Scot and Irish (who have been here since before the Great Potato Famine, thank you very much. Lol) because that’s personal to me but this space isn’t just for that. If I can help enable or provide a space for you to discuss more topics beyond that, then I want to because every single person in this country deserves to have the history and culture of their people preserved, whatever that might be. If it ever feels like your heritage doesn’t matter, your origins don’t matter… that’s all the more reason to make sure it gets remembered.

Don’t just accept that because you look Irish your ancestors came here to escape potato famine.