Confederate Flag Bans

The free market is a wonderful thing. Some companies have chosen to no longer offer any merchandise showing the Confederate flag. Here is a list so you can decide whether you wish to support their decision or not.


Following the Charleston shooting, Amazon removed everything with the flag and cancelled any current orders with such items. I spoke with their customer service several times in the weeks that followed and the answer was always indecisive. They would say they hadn’t finalized the policy but assured me they would announce it when they had. Never heard any more. Checking their site now I do see some merchandise available but upon checking in their help section I found that the confederate flag is listed as prohibited.

Dollar Tree – Didn’t carry flag merchandise even before Charleston shooting.

Dollar General – Didn’t carry flag merchandise even before Charleston shooting.



Google Shopping

Family Dollar – Didn’t carry flag merchandise even before Charleston shooting.


National Parks Gift Shops
This particular one was probably most surprising to me because of the very nature of them. Since the gift shops that would have been stocking Confederate merchandise would have been on battlefields, it seems perfectly normal to have all kinds of merchandise pertaining to the history of that location. However, according to a news report following the Charleston shooting it seems they have decided to remove it anyway.


Spencer’s Gifts
Following the Charleston shooting, Spencer’s posted a statement on their Facebook page announcing the removal of Confederate flag merchandise.

Target – Didn’t carry flag merchandise even before Charleston shooting.

Valley Forge Flag

Also announced following the Charleston shooting. I was unable to find an official policy on their website but they don’t seem to have any available Confederate items.

Know of more or have links to the specific policies of those listed above? Let me know in the comments below!

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