Changes Are Coming

Since starting this blog I’ve had a new baby, moved, this country has had a majorly controversial election, and a myriad of other things have occurred that have made me either lack the time/energy to post or make me want to delve more into a modern political arena than I really wish this blog to get caught up in. I’ve felt burnt out and fed up and it’s resulted in not doing much on the blog.

But I have been thinking about where I want things to go. I’ve come to the conclusion that because my time to work on the blog is so erratic I’m going to disable commenting on posts. It’s not fair to legitimate commenters to wait months to have their comments approved and it’s also frustrating that every time I log in with the intention of working on the blog my time gets used up wading through hundreds of spam comments. It is tedious and prevents me adding much of real value to the site. For similar reasons, the forum is coming down. I’ve had it in maintenance mode for months while I considered the options and I really think this is best. I want to focus what time and energy I have on content, not moderating spam.

With that in mind, I’m sure the holiday season is going to sidetrack me a bit more but in the coming months expect to see new articles and a new design geared more towards the information only mentality and making that information easier to sift through.

Thanks for understanding!