Veteran’s Day

War is always a tricky subject. Throughout the history of the United States of America there have been many conflicts which we have taken a part of and they aren’t always black and white. Some we joined in late, some maybe we shouldn’t have taken part at all. Some conflicts were with other countries, some with those who lived here before us and one that pitted brother against brother.

No matter the timing, the motivations of the presidents or other leaders who controlled events, the men and women who have fought or supported those who fought have had a purer purpose. They fought out of love and duty. Love for their families and their home, duty because they knew they couldn’t leave the battle for others to fight.

All who return from war return with wounds. Sometimes visible, physical wounds and sometimes invisible, the psychological wounds of facing the horrors of war and in some cases having to live with doing things for their country that perhaps they never saw themselves doing before being put in that scenario, seeing things they never wanted to see.

I don’t say thank you for your service because the words are too simplistic to me. Today, and every day, I honor the service of those past and present for making difficult choices and sacrifices because they believed it was needed.

As Robert E. Lee said, war is terrible. Let’s remember the wars that have been fought. Remember the reasons for them so we can avoid needing to repeat them but no matter the reasons remember those who showed their love for us all.

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